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"All you need is love…& the m-school"

My first semester in the LMU M-School has been incredibly rewarding. My blog, "All You Need is M-School," provides insight into my experiences.

Blackface image removed from wall

“I’d like for us to become an institution where we’re proactive instead of reactive on these kinds of things. For a whole year, I argued about this picture,” said Stone. “I’m not so worried much that there was blackface at that time, the catch is that that mural is relatively new … This is a recent composition.
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Magis broadens views on homeless

The theme of “Say Hello” for this year’s Homelessness Understanding Week was created to inspire the LMU community to recognize the homeless as human beings who are often ignored or looked at differently. Senior political science major Raymond Chavez, a member of Magis, helped organize the events taking place throughout the week.
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Seco Jackets: student-run nonprofit dedicated to making a difference

At the beginning of the year, M-School Director and professor Matt Stefl gave students in the New World of Branding and Advertising class the task of launching a full-scale "Marketing for Good" campaign throughout the course of the semester. Six groups of students were asked to pick a problem in their community and find creative ways to positively affect a minimum group of 100 people.
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Students fight for water refill stations

While ASLMU President David Tassone cites a binding contract with Coca-Cola as a barrier against installing refillable water stations, Senior Vice President for Administration Evelynne Scarboro says efforts to install the stations are already in motion. The discussion arose as a result of one class’s effort to help reusable water bottles assimilate into LMU’s campus culture.
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The Hollywood Master: Clint Eastwood

Hollywood’s living legend Clint Eastwood stopped by SFTV for a special edition of The Hollywood Masters series. Eastwood sat down with Stephen Galloway, executive features editor at The Hollywood Reporter, to talk about his extensive career in film. Clint Eastwood’s career as one of the most well-known actors and directors in Hollywood may never have happened had he not survived a near-death experience.

Hollywood Master: Amy Adams

Whether you know her as Princess Giselle from Enchanted, Sydney Prosser from American Hustle, or one of her many other roles, you know Amy Adams can do no wrong. The five-time Academy Award nominated actress stopped by SFTV for the fourth season of The Hollywood Masters. Adams sat down with Stephen Galloway, executive features editor at The Hollywood Reporter, to talk about everything from the diverse range of films she’s taken on in her career to advice she has for today’s media-influenced women.

Hollywood Master: Hilary Swank

Two-time Academy Award-winner Hilary Swank wrapped up the second season of The Hollywood Masters series with Stephen Galloway on November 13, 2014. Swank, known for her roles in films such as Boys Don’t Cry, Million Dollar Baby, P.S. I Love You and Freedom Writers, shared everything from how she found a passion in acting to how she prepared and got into character for the two films that won her Academy Awards.


Amanda Lopez

Amanda Lopez is a junior at Loyola Marymount University, where she is studying Marketing and Journalism. Her studies, which share underlying themes of storytelling and informing others, exemplify her desire to pursue a career that engages in each.

Amanda has worked at Loyola Marymount's newspaper, the Los Angeles Loyolan, as a News Editor and Assistant News Editor since her freshman year. As a Communications Assistant at the School of Film and Television, she has had the opportunity to write blog posts about influential Hollywood icons like Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams and more. Her position in the competitive two-year program known as the M-School Institute of Marketing at LMU has allowed her to combine her passion for writing with her love of marketing.



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